“The speakers had exciting, interesting, inspiring, or poignant things to talk about which completely engaged the audience. They were also often humorous and connected well with the audience…I think most importantly, the conference had a very important message that was sent across extremely well. I can’t describe the emotions it made me feel afterwards and the sense of need to change. I was delighted with how it turned out so I would definitely recommend doing another one next year (or next term, and the term after that…). I think there was a great mix of educational content (presented in funny ways – especially Ian Shaw) and content more designed to inspire us or provide ways on how to take action which gave us a very clear overview of the problem and how we can solve it. We had a lot of fun planting trees while knowing that this was an actual action that would make a difference. I think it was great that the conference was not only telling us to take initiatives but also allowing us to try some out. Overall, this was an amazing conference and it makes me so happy to know that young people organised it all. It gives me hope for the world which I think is really important at this time… I learnt a lot after the conference and my friends and I felt really really inspired afterwards and we were teeming with ideas on how we could help. Its absolutely wonderful that the conference could have such an effect on us and I think you should be very proud of yourselves for organising this. You’ve taught a number of people that change can happen and that we need to make it. Congratulations on this amazing conference, I’ll be looking out for one again next year!”