What Can You Do?

As a result of these actions, our oceans and inhabitants are faced with an uncertain future. These impacts include effects on marine life, coral reefs, the amount of oxygen in the water, the food chain, the reproductive system and the human health. Oil spills can block sunlight reaching the plants such as corals to carry out photosynthesis which will eventually lead to impacts on marine life as corals are a major part of the food chain.

Ocean pollution is something that can’t be solved alone and requires each and every individual to do their part. We can prevent ocean pollution by doing small things such as picking up any litter if we see it, bringing our own reusable bags for shopping and buying products that use little plastic or are made from recyclable products. If you want to make a direct change, you can partake in a beach clean up or even support organisations that are trying to stop ocean pollution such as 5 Gyres and Sustainable Coastlines.


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