The Zero Waste Lifestyle

If we never used our plastics in the first place, we’d never have to pick them up from our beaches, right? That’s the mentality I’ve been delving into recently! Part of caring about environmental sustainability is living a life which capitalises on these values. Reusable water bottles, no to plastic straws, bees wrap packaging, bamboo toothbrushes. Thanks to the rise of the Zero Waste Movement, these are all easily accessible to consumers, busting the myth that environmentally sustainable choices have to be inconvenient. The idea is simple: minimise the amount of waste you send to landfill! And with plenty of alternatives out there, it’s getting easier and easier to do. I’m heading that way now, so while you’re here, check out my First Five tips below and perhaps consider joining me!

First Five for the Zero Waste Lifestyle

1. Use reusable containers

Stock up on metal and glass containers to store your food. Metal lunch containers and tiffins are a great option, as are glass jars with erasable labels and stainless steel water bottles.


2. Bring your own bag

Bring along your own bags to supermarkets, farmers markets or places like BinInn. The hardest part is probably remembering to bring them, so leave a few in your car for whenever you need. Our family also has a couple of polystyrene packaging boxes which were destined for landfill which we keep in the car, reducing the need for any bags at all! Don’t forget produce bags too – make your own or buy netted bags, and try to avoid pre-packaged fruits and vegetables.

3: Composting

Set up a compost bin, or build your own using old wooden pallets! This way all food scraps are reintroduced to your soil environment. Growing your own food is also a core zero waste initiative.

4: Say NO

Say no to plastic straws, utensils, bags or whatever else! There are some great metal, wood and fabric alternatives out there or, alternatively, refuse them all together.

5: Packaging

Bees wrap packaging is an awesome alternative to glad wrap or aluminium foil. It’s reusable, lasts and comes in all sorts of cool designs. Plus, it is multipurpose and comes in plenty of shapes and sizes. I heard you can also make your own – I personally haven’t tried this but it sounds pretty neat!


Everyone knows prevention is better than the cure, and I found taking even small steps towards waste minimisation is a surprisingly liberating! No, I will not be a Zero Waste blogger or the undeniably perfect example of living minimal, but the little things really do count and sometimes a drastic reduction of waste doesn’t take a great deal of effort! Here’s to the Zero Waste Journey!

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