2017 Project Action Plan

Plan of Action

  • Considering the two week time frame I have been given, I’ve chosen to go with option three: Build on website and social media channels to build a campaign to avoid plastic pollution (including a short video).


My project is based around the ideas we built last year in Project Based Learning. I have a passion for ocean advocacy and would like to build on the failures and successes we reached at the end of last year with P.S. Our Beaches. Last year I was thrilled about how our project has turned out and the website eventuated, feeling that Project Based Learning has allowed us to broaden skills in not just one area, and to focus on something we are really passionate about. However, one of the things that didn’t work well was the beginning of the project, where it was evident that we struggled to begin to formulate our vision for an end product. This probably happened because we didn’t think to consider what had been previously done to solve the issue. Because I know and am really passionate about ocean advocacy, I thought that it could mean I get more out of the project in the short two week time span.


Further, my intention at the end of last year was P.S. Our Beaches going. As we had heard from people like Paul (Website Design), it seemed to be a shame to put in all this work and leave it to just sit on the internet not making any change. However, as can be expected, things got in the way and I struggled to find time for the project until the holidays. Therefore, I thought it would be a great chance to dedicate both class time and my own time to the project so that I can get the most out of it as possible.


I will hopefully collaborate with Paul Jones from NetBuilders to produce a user-friendly site for me to share my ideas with, in an engaging, visual way. Paul, like me, is very keen on working on a project to help organise and promote the cleaning up of New Zealand. My website will link to various social media channels, predominantly Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, to spread my message across a wider network base. My website will contain posts about plastic pollution issues and statistics, products which support our oceans, what people can do to make a difference and a video on plastic pollution.


My video on plastic pollution will be created using Timelapses and Stop Motion animation for the most part. I will pull it all together using Adobe CS6 Premiere and internet based instructional materials as I’m relatively unfamiliar with the program. The video will focus on how human induced actions such as the unnecessary purchase of plastic bags and plastic bottles and how this affects marine animals.


In addition to this, I hope to interview a range of specialists on ocean pollution and establish contacts and partnerships with other organisations, like we did with the Coastal Restoration Trust of New Zealand.


An obstacle I may face would be not being able to get Paul from Netbuilders to help with my website, though in that case I will use the wordpress editor/builder which I have some prior experience with. Similarly, I may also have difficulty with time management as I have a limited time span to work with, and minimal resources already. Because of this, I will be sticking to a strict time schedule, as follows:


By Friday 1 December I will have finished most of the filming and content for my video and collected images for my website,

By Monday 4 December I will have begun editing my video and finished any cropping,

By Tuesday 5 December I will have finished any minor edits to the video,

By Wednesday 6 December I will have finished my reflection on the video and website design,

By Thursday 7 December I will have shared the video on my website and social media platforms,

By Friday 8 December I will have touched up any loose ends (make sure it is accessible, trial the website, reflect).


My web-based project for the Project Based Learning task will be of benefit to general society both locally and nationally as it will contribute to solving my underlying problem by spreading awareness around plastic pollution in a readily accessible manner, therefore leaving a positive footprint for our oceans. Using P.S. Our Beaches as a foundation, I hope to share my passion for ocean advocacy with a larger base of people.


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