Music: Four Degrees

I composed a piece of music called Four Degrees to use as the soundtrack for my Plastic Pollution video. This composition is climate change inspired through the following ways:

Four Degrees.jpg

The piece is split into four main sections to signifying the four degree changes in the environment. By doing this, I’ve tried to achieve an ebb and flow feel to the piece. The effects I have aimed for in each section are outlined below.

I’m relatively happy with how it sounds, but I still need to work on adding dynamics and extra detail to my piece. I initially had the parts as piano and oboe, but thought that having a Violin and Bassoon added a better variety of tone colour and fitted better with the environmental theme. While the oboe has quite a piercing sound, this contrasts with the deeper echoing feel from the bassoon and the thicker sound from the violin which helped to bring it all together, bring a sense of urgency and add a new dimension to the piece.

Below is the score:



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