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Student promotes sustainability with youth event

 Brooke Hunter

A Burnside High School student is pioneering a new way for youth to engage with sustainability in Christchurch.

Year 12 student E Wen Wong identified a need for youth to have a platform to share their ideas about helping the environment.

Wong created ‘P.S. Our Beaches’ in 2016, an organisation which raises awareness about environmental sustainability and plastic consumption.

EnviroPAST, a two-day conference, is their latest project and will begin this Friday at the Christchurch Art Gallery.

The conference of workshops and guest speakers is aimed at people aged 12-24, and will teach them about mitigating their plastic use.

The decision for a youth-focused event is centered around the idea young people are the future, Wong said.

She said the organisation wants to “actively engage young people in environmental decision making, both in their personal lives and in the wider community”.

Wong came up with the idea for the conference last year after noticing that young people didn’t have a platform to convey their enthusiasm about the environment.

As part of the event, 1000 trees donated by Trees for Canterbury will be planted at Styx Mill Reserve on Friday.

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