Kiwi Bottle Drive

P.S. Our Beaches wants the government of Aotearoa New Zealand to initiate a bottle deposit scheme to prevent drink packaging waste. Why? Because we don’t want our world waste-d on waste!

A bottle deposits scheme here in NZ would mean a billion plastic bottles currently littered and in landfill would instead be part of a circular economy – that means less plastic pollution, heaps of green jobs, and fundraising opportunities for communities.

Bottle deposits will massively increase recycling rates and:
– Reduce plastic pollution in the sea
– Create over 2000 jobs
– Save councils and tax payers $26-40 million per year
– Reduce CO2 emissions
– Fund community groups
– Supplement low incomes
– Foster a sustainable, circular economy.

To show our support of the cause, we held a petition signing at Burnside High School on 30 November 2018. Check out some photos from the day and thanks to everyone who came to see us!

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