It’s Time for a Different Kind of Change

It’s Time for a Different Kind of Change

For many, climate change is difficult to picture. It isn’t a rapid onset hazard like floods or tsunamis, that instantly snap up the attention of public media. Instead, it is slow onset, somewhat predictable and accompanied by a fair warning. Yet, a massive disconnect exists between climate change science and public knowledge, and this mismanagement of the human element is what we need to fix. Climate change is important to me because it is a warning for our futures, the futures of those after us and the future of those around us. I believe that it is deeply important that we learn to comprehensively understand climate change as more than two words and to take individual actions toward a sustainable future.

I believe that the best way for us to help our climate is to fully understand climate change and to capitalise upon this understanding with real actions. In the words of Al Gore, “Today we’re dumping 70 million tons of global-warming pollution into the environment, and tomorrow we will dump more, and there is no effective worldwide response.” Although we are all a part of the problem, too often we lose ourselves in the statistics and forget that each action we take matters. Many of these 70 million tonnes are produced by factories, banks and major corporations which, on the surface, seem to take away from our individual responsibilities. However, as consumers, every time we buy a product, we cast a vote for our futures. Buying products from sustainable and ethically conscious businesses is a vote stripped of climate change. Similarly, actions such as biking to school, recycling effectively and turning off unneeded lights may sound small, yet they amount to something much larger. As we begin to understand our impacts on the climate and how we can do small things differently, we empower ourselves and our environment to progress in a steadier direction.

I help the climate by taking small actions and sharing what I know with those around me. Through using the tools like poetry which we are universally familiar with, we can understand climate change and be quicker to act upon it. As climate change ticks past in those six degrees, it’s time we made a different kind of change.


A pretty cool UYOC (Use Your Own Cup) scheme at Habitual Fix —Smoothies in mason jars!

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