Interview with DOC

Read on for my conversation with Maria Deutsch from the Department of Conservation (DOC).

What projects do you think are having the most positive impact on our oceans?

Maria brought up Sustainable Coastlines, Project Jonah and Sea Cleaners as some organisations which are having a positive impact on our oceans. Here are some links worth visiting:

What is one tip you would like to share about ocean pollution mitigation?

As you can see, there is an encouraging upswell of people cleaning up beaches and removing plastic from oceans.  From Maria’s personal perspective, she thinks what will make the greatest difference is if communities ‘adopt’ waterways from the source in the mountains/headwaters all the way to the ocean;  a lot of pollution comes into waterways and by adopting one people will have to face a range of pollutants, how to deal with them, how to create solutions for them and they will also experience the full cycle of the water from ocean to mountain.  This will increase personal responsibility and drive amongst peers to protect our water no matter where it is.

In addition, Maria also suggested exploring these further questions:

  • What types of pollution exist?  There is physical debris like plastic, there is sediment run off from our forestry that suffocates living spaces, there is oil, petrol and similar from fishing boats and transport boats, there is noise pollution that affects dolphins and whales…etc.
  • How can we live with in a relationship with the ocean that is respectful, sustainable and still allows us access to its resources?
  • How can individual citizens, citizen groups, NGOs and sustainable business provide leadership to change the negative ways we are interacting with our oceans…

Thank you to Maria and DOC for the interview, and for everything they do for our environment!


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