Tech Week

E Wen Wong_IMG_2616Techweek is fast approaching and I’ve been invited to speak as a panellist at one of the many events being held across the country.

Tech is Good: The Role of Tech in Growing Great Adults will be held on Wednesday 23 May 5-7PM and promises to be an amazing event. If you’re keen to come along, you’ll need to get in quick as 80% of tickets have already been booked!

Check out the Techweek NZ page for more exciting events and discussions – hope to see you there 

* * *

Top 8 Takeaways from the event

  • We need to help our teens focus on problem solving and use the technology as an enabler
  • Encourage risk taking, exploration, creativity and critical thinking
  • Help break stereotypes ie IT is for boys / geeks
  • Work with primary school children  – high school is too late
  • Use strong role models for young children; consider the children from areas that are harder to reach / less likely to have role models
  • Enable opportunities for project based learning where children use knowledge across all sciences
  • Positivity around the new digital curriculum
  • Some of the teachers and also the older generation need help with raising their own technical literacy so they are not a barrier


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