Christchurch International Airport Community Fund

Every little bit counts towards turning the tide on plastic – including your signature on the Kiwi Bottle Drive petition! P.S. Our Beaches is in full support of this petition, the fantastic cause it represents and are in awe of the amazing work and ideas brewing from the Kiwi Bottle Drive team.

Next month, on Tuesday the 27th of November, people from across Aotearoa are coming together in a day-of-action to turn the tide on plastic. From wherever you are in the country, you can take a small (or big) action to show your support for clean oceans and healthy communities. The Kiwi Bottle Drive team are campaigning for a #CashForTrash bottle deposit system for Aotearoa, to protect our ocean from toxic plastic pollution and help our communities realise a world without waste. The nationwide day-of-action will run in the lead up to the delivery of their petition to Parliament on December 4th. The aim is to get AS MANY SIGNATURES ON THE PETITION AS POSSIBLE, so when they deliver it the following week, the folks at the beehive hear the message loud and clear!

Speaking of little things going towards something big, I am thrilled to announce that P.S. Our Beaches has received funding for the delivery of our 2019 EnviroPAST Conference thanks to the Christchurch International Airport Community Fund. All of the small change donated into the collection boxes within the Christchurch Airport terminal goes into the fund, and the amount donated is matched by the airport company. Community groups can then apply for a donation to a project they are working on to benefit the community.

Many thanks to the Christchurch International Airport for your support! We are over the moon and can’t wait to bring the conference to our beautiful city in April next year.

Check out the full list of fund recipients here.


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