Causes of Ocean Pollution

Causes of Ocean Pollution

Sewage, toxic chemicals, oil spills, littering and ocean mining are all devastating human induced actions which are leading contributors towards ocean pollution, painting a worrying picture for our oceans. Toxic chemicals leaching into the ocean from the factories we depend on, the sewage we have no place for, the oil spills which have irreversible effects on not just our oceans but the marine animals who call the ocean home. One ways oil impacts the ocean ecosystem is through suffocation of animals, destroying the insulating ability of fur-bearing animals and the water repellency of birds’ feathers. Littering is also another main ocean pollutant with rubbish from inland often making its way into the ocean. Plastic in particular is regarded as a large contributor towards ocean pollution with plastic bags and bottles choking or being consumed by birds, fish and other marine mammals who may mistake our rubbish for food. Further, the production of these non-recyclable materials leads to the introduction of large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere and global warming.


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