The third installment of my ocean poetry project is called Blue. Blue is all about understanding the ocean and all its intricate details, even behind the the harm (the monochrome shades) we inflict upon it.


I wade through the air of
a deep crevasse,
a pool of the lonely.A damp foot
stepping into a raging ocean,
into x, the unknown.

A heartbeat like an ace of spades,
against the fresh
coat of white,
The alabaster slate
on marbled tiles.

Long threads of blue
run down my sides
like disfigured, angled blinds,
like dandelions dipped
in Van Gogh’s starry night.

Around me
the artworks,
delicate waves of nature,
reflections and seismic audio waves.
When I close my eyes
and sift through the marbled thoughts,
I find a rich blue
swimming in the crevasse
of black and white.


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