NZ Bans the Bag

After some serious campaigning and dedication, on top of a 72,000 signature petition, New Zealand finally has ban on single-use plastic bags!! Ka pai Aotearoa!

The Ministry for the Environment called the plastic bag ban a “first step to addressing the ‘throwaway culture’ of a linear economy” but they need your thoughts on how the ban should be implemented. To do this, visit to make an online submission by next Friday 14 September. Together, let’s make this ban as comprehensive and consequential as it should be.

Some thoughts from the P.S. Our Beaches Community:

  • Yaaaaas perfect. Best news all week!! – Noah, NZ
  • That’s sooooo cool! 🙌 I want that, too in Germany! – Tanja, Germany
  • Amazing news! 💪🏻One massive step in the right direction!!🙌 – Bristol, UK
  • Love being a Kiwi!!!! – Jo Sanderson, NZ
  • Congrats! – Janis Selby Jones, USA
  • 👏👏👏👏 – Green Peace Camden
  • Bravo! 😃👏🏽 – Go Green Guide, Denmark
  • So cool how our local supermarket has already done this ✅♥️🐢 – Miah Marshall, NZ



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